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The team uniform consists of a Hereford Jersey,  Hereford maroon shorts, plain maroon shorts or plain black shorts and black or maroon socks.    While I understand some of us like to express our different personalities in sock colors, etc., for games we need to present a unified color scheme.    Thank you for honoring this requirement. 



For those who are new to the program and as a reminder to everyone else, After School Lacrosse at Hereford Middle School is an HZ Rec Program comprised of Hereford Middle School students, and it is not in any way sponsored by Hereford Middle School or Baltimore County Schools.   Therefore, please do not call the school for any reasons related to this lacrosse program 

If you have any questions of any kind; the school is NEVER to be contacted.  Please address all questions to your respective coach, or John or Erin Felter (Commissioner).

Equipment & Student Drop-off

When equipment is brought to the school, it is only to be brought to the storage room behind the gym.  Students should come to the room from outside of the school & never come or go directly through the gym. 

The storage facility will be open from 7:10 am to 7:40 am.  Please do not interfere with the buses. You can either drop your daughter off and have her walk behind the school, or you can drive to the back of the school.   As you pull out, please pull back into the parent drop off lane.  

Equipment is NEVER to be dropped off at the office.  Even if you are late to school; you may not ever drop equipment off at the office.  Students who are late to school (missing the open storage time) can bring their equipment and drop it off only at Mrs. Cunningham's class room - C8.


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